R packages for building robust, production grade {shiny} apps.

The golemverse is a collection of R packages for building {shiny} apps that need to be safely shipped to production.

Packages from the golemverse

  • {bank}, Extra Cache

  • {brochure}, Multipage ‘Shiny’ Apps

  • {dockerfiler}, Easy Dockerfile Creation from R

  • {elvis}, ‘Shiny’ renderers and observers made safer

  • {fakir}, Generate Fake Datasets for Prototyping and Teaching

  • {gargoyle}, An Event-Based Mechanism for ‘Shiny’

  • {gemstones}, Make Your ‘golem’ App Shine

  • {golem}, Make Your ‘golem’ App Shine

  • {ghooks}, ‘Golem’ Hooks for Standard ‘Shiny’ Apps

  • {minifyr}, Minify CSS, HTML and JavaScript Files

  • {skeleton}, Skeleton CSS for Shiny

  • {shinidraw}, ‘Excalidraw’ in ‘Shiny’

  • {shinipsum}, Lorem-Ipsum Helper Function for ‘shiny’ Prototyping

  • {w3css}, W3CSS for ‘shiny’

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