Join HacktoberFest 2021 with {golem} (and more)!




September 30, 2021

Join us for Hacktoberfest 2021 with {golem}!

Hacktoberfest is an online event, happening all over the world, where everyone is invited to open a pull request on a repo that has issues labelled hacktoberfest. The idea of this event is to gather developers (newbies or seasoned), and make them work together on open source projects.

For this second year, I’m happy to invite developers from the R community to take part to Hacktoberfest with {golem}. I’ve started to label some issues inside the repository with the hacktoberfest label, so that you can join the party, starting tomorrow!

Every time you’ll open an issue with this label, you’ll also find two other labels: the difficulty level (novice, intermediate, advanced), and a time estimate (low, medium, high). This will help you evaluate if you can try and tackle this issue or not.

You’ll find them all on the GitHub repository. Feel free to leave a comment on the issue you’d like to tackle, and of course to ask questions if the issue is not detailed enough.

I’m planning on release a minor version of {golem} (0.3.1) at the end of this month, with all the new features and bug fixes that we will all have worked on during the month 🤘

You don’t feel like working on {golem}? We have also labelled other repositories inside the ThinkR GitHub organisation with the hacktoberfest tag:

See you on GitHub!